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Welcome to Urban Management Initiatives site.

The mission of UMI is to provide information and advice which will help to improve or sustain the competitiveness of town & city centres. 

The focus of UMI is on the development of high quality places, improving the profitability of businesses and on attracting and caring for consumers.

The target audience: anyone interested in the economic health and physical fabric of town and city centres.   This includes a wide range of private and public sector groups including retailers, property owners and managers, councillors, chambers of commerce and trade, town centre managers, town planners, car park operators, highways engineers, police etc.

Principle services provided:

Periodic research reports - presenting a snapshot of the quality of the consumer experience in key UK town and city centres together with retail performance data and town centre management information including Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) needed to monitor progress and periodically check whether  TCM schemes are focused on key issuesClick to go to KPIs.


Profiles of retail performance for town centre management.  Store takings data aggregated to protect the identity of individual businesses is available to enable retail performance of  individual centres to be monitored.  Benchmarking profiles enable comparison to be made with trends elsewhere. Click for more information.


Location-specific presentations.   Town centre business associations, management boards and local authorities can benefit from an overview of the centre provided by an independent expert.  This can be dovetailed with the launch of a new initiative or part of a business plan review.  The presentation will be based on data  from the Lockwood Survey supplemented as appropriate by material relating to urban design, shop front design, development of local partnerships, working with local authorities etc.              Click for more information.

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