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The Lockwood Survey 2002

Sub-title: Keeping the focus on town centre competitiveness.  

(Includes performance appraisal of 270 centres.)

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The report contains:

    -  UK map of store performance covering 450 town & city centres

    -  Analysis of the impact of Bluewater & Trafford on nearby centres

    -  Survey of parking provision for shoppers in 170 centres

    -  Key factors which affect consumer behaviour

    -  Rental and store takings information for individual centres

The analysis is based on data from two main sources: (i) store takings from 7,000 stores operated by 47 principal high street companies and (ii) information gathered directly from panels of local business people and town centre managers.  In addition data on zone A rents supplied by Healey & Baker and gross retail floorspace provided by Experian Goad.

The report answers questions:

-  Which towns had strong growth in store takings?

-  Which centres had a high percentage of stores with declining takings?

-  How does amount & convenience of parking  affect store performance?

-  How high can parking charges be set without deterring consumers?

-  Which aspects of TCM make most impact on town centre viability?

In addition to the main report detailed information is also provided:

-   A snapshot of characteristics of 270 centres presented in 59 pages of graphs & data.

-   Detailed parking data for 170 centres including ratio of spaces to gross retail floorspace.

-   Property performance indicators including zone A rents & growth rates & takings growth.

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