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Benchmarking Profiles of Store Performance

Store performance data can be used to enable the trends in individual centres to be compared with groups of other centres.

The example opposite shows that trading conditions in 1999/00 deteriorated (the % of stores affected by declining takings rose).   Regional centres were not as badly affected but cities in close proximity to new regional carcentrics suffered very high levels of deflection of trade.

Nottingham achieved the strongest recovery in 2000/1 with 53% of stores performing above inflation and only 20% of stores affected by declining takings.

The profiles enable the performance of centres to be monitored and the impact of any local changes to be measured.


This is vital information needed to measure the progress of town management schemes.  It provides hard evidence which can be used to promote investment or argue for the creation of a more consumer friendly centre.  To request a free sample similar to the above contact Urban Management Initiatives:         

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